D&C features ENEROC as an emerging business creating jobs to reduce poverty

Labor Day celebrates workers’ contributions to the prosperity and strength of the United States. Thus, it’s appropriate the Democrat & Chronicle featured ENEROC on Labor Day Weekend as one of four local businesses on a mission to create jobs as a means to increase equal access to opportunity.

ENEROC works as a subcontractor with electrical and construction firms to fulfill onsite facility projects with quality labor. Recent work includes LED retrofit and installation for a variety of environments, including parking garages and exterior lighting.

At its heart, ENEROC is a mission-oriented firm committed to the reduction of poverty. To achieve this aim, ENEROC continues to develop a competitive service offering that can also chart pathways toward employee-ownership. For Doug Caswell, business manager, training ranks as a top priority for ENEROC.

“Whether it be hands-on skill job training, personal skills, working with them on the type of interaction they can have at customer sites,” said Caswell.

In the long-term, ENEROC wants its jobs to help workers build both skills and equity — essential components to enable sustainable poverty reduction.

To read more about ENEROC and the mission of Market Driven Community Corporation, click here.

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